Krowned by Kesha

Bring Your Own Hair

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Want a Krowned Unit with the hair you provide? This service is just for you! Send in your hair and a Krowned Unit will be created just for you. 

Turnaround time is 10 -14 business days AFTER your hair is received. 

Included with Purchase:

1. Bleaching and toning knots

2. Customized hairline 

*** baby hairs are optional ****

3. Adjustable elastic band

4. Combs

5. Select styles: straight, body curls, or beach waves

****other styles at an additional cost****

6. Shampoo and deep condition

7. Wig Cap

Bundles Needed for Wig Construction:

- 14” and below = 2 bundles 

- 16”- 20”= 3 bundles 

- 22”- 26” = 4 bundles 

- 28” or higher 5 bundles 

Not Accepted:

Used frontals, closures, and bundles are not accepted. If hair sent is used, it will be mailed back to you and your order will be canceled. 



Results will vary based on the quality of hair provided. Low-quality hair will not function the way high-quality hair does. If you provide low-quality hair, baby hairs may not lay correctly, hair may not curl properly, and knots may not bleach well.

The Process

1. Pay for the Service

Make sure you already have the hair on hand BEFORE making this purchase. 

2. Ship Your Hair to Krowned by Kesha 

Ship hair to:
Krowned by Kesha 
2220 Hamilton Place Blvd. Suite 126
Chattanooga, TN 37421

3. Get Tracking Number

When you ship your hair, be sure to get a tracking number for your package.

4. Email Tracking Number 

Email your tracking number to KBK by emailing

5. The Krowned Experience 

Once your hair is received, we will construct your KBK Unit. 

6. Unit Shipped

After your Krowned Unit is finished, it will be shipped. Tracking numbers will be shipped via email. Local pickups will receive an email with pickup location(s) and time(s).